Tinnitus Relief

How Alternative Therapy Can Help

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus (often called “ringing in the ears”) is a medical problem that people describe as anything from annoying to almost unbearable. Around one in every ten adults in the UK have some level of tinnitus; I even suffer a little from it myself. Tinnitus causes continuous or prolonged noises in one is both ears. These noises can sound like ringing, hissing, buzzing, clicking or even roaring. In some cases, patients only notice the noises when in a very quiet place or when they are not concentrating on anything in particular. But other sufferers find that the noises constantly interfere with their ability to perform everyday tasks.

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Treating Tinnitus

Conventional medicine hasn’t been able to offer much help to tinnitus patients. In general, the standard treatment takes one of two forms: a device which produces “white noise” to try and overpower the ringing, or training patients try and ignore the tinnitus.

So what can alternative medicine do to help? I offer a special combination of head massage and foot reflexology that can really reduce the frequency of tinnitus attacks. Clients also find that, even if they do still get some tinnitus noise, it is much quieter and less annoying. Sometimes clients even forget they have tinnitus. I clearly remember one client from the early days of my Tinnitus Relief treatment. She came for a session every four weeks. But when she damaged her achilles tendon she couldn’t come to see me for several months. When she was finally able to return, she told me she had forgotten how awful tinnitus made her feel until (due to the long period without treatment) it began to come back.

How Often Do I Need Treatment?

I expect you’re wondering how frequently you’ll need a treatment. Of course everybody is different, so I can’t tell you exactly how often you’ll need one. But generally, I recommend that new clients have two sessions a week for the first two weeks. Follow this with one treatment a week for the next four weeks. After that, you’ll probably find that once a month is enough, even for those of you who are currently suffering really badly. Conventional medicine is failing many patients; it’s time to find out how alternative medicine can help treat tinnitus.

Reflexology and Tinnitus in the News

Alternative medicine rarely gets much encouragement from the BBC. So it was refreshing to watch a very positive news item on the BBC News in February 2022. Kirsty Stewart from Hampshire was only 28 years old when she started to suffer from tinnitus. What began as a sound like a lawn-mower gradually turned into a very loud ringing noise in her ears. She described it as “like torture”. Kirsty still has noises in her ear but has found that counselling and reflexology help her to cope. (My experience has shown that the best results come from receiving a mixture of head massage -using acupressure techniques- and reflexology.) You can read about the BBC news item here.

Tinnitus Relief treatment is available in your own home.
60-minute session, combining head massage and foot reflexology: £35