Seated Massage

A Deep Tissue Massage for Neck and back

What is Seated Massage?

Most forms of massage are performed on a couch. This can cause a number of problems. For a start, some people find it hard to climb up onto a couch. Even if you wouldn’t usually have any difficulty, you could struggle to do this when you’ve put your back out! Also, when you are lying down, your neck is usually either twisted to the side or compressed (that is, all “scrunched up”). This makes it difficult to for anybody to massage your neck muscles most effectively.

During my Seated Massage I use a special massage chair or headrest. These support your head and chest, whilst gently stretching the spine to make the neck muscles more accessible. And because your back is in the ideal position, I can reach even very deep-seated muscles all along the spine. I’m able to knead out painful knots, release tight muscle fibres and relieve your pain.


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Effleurage of shoulders

Massage and Pain Relief

Probably the most common medical issue in adults today, backache can be crippling and persistent. Lower back pain can make it almost impossible to walk, meaning you can’t work or even move freely around your home. Problems with your neck and shoulders can lead to headaches, pain or tingling in your arms and make it difficult to turn your head. My Seated Back Massage works very quickly to release muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and back. It brings swift pain relief and can improve the range of movement in your arms and shoulders.

 Home Visits for Seated Massage

Treatments Available In and Around Newark

I offer my intensive Seated Massage sessions to clients within a 10-minute drive from my home in Newark. I will also travel slightly further for clients who wish to combine Seated Massage with Reflexology or Homeopathy. You can book a treatment in your own home or in your workplace.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (30 minutes): £25