Stimulate Your Body’s Healing Systems

What is Reflexology? How Does it Work?

If you’ve never experienced a professional reflexology treatment, you probably think it’s a foot massage. But believe me, it’s a lot more than that. Reflexologists use trigger points, usually on the feet or hands, to stimulate healing in specific parts of the body. We do use massage to make the treatment as relaxing as possible, but it’s when we apply pressure to the trigger points that the magic really happens. Your brain suddenly becomes more aware of your medical problems and the need to resolve them. Your body works quickly to reduce pain and inflammation and begin the healing process.

Reflexes of the Feet

Home Treatment

Treat yourself to a 60-minute reflexology treatment of foot or hand reflexology in the comfort of your own home. This wonderful therapy will leave you feeling calm and relaxed, while encouraging your body to heal itself. Just sit comfortably for an hour and let me do the work. Available to clients in Mablethorpe and the surrounding villages.

Hands or Feet?

I’m often asked which is more effective- hand or foot reflexology. Over the years I’ve found that foot treatments generally seem to work more quickly. This is because waste products and toxins in your blood tend to get pulled downwards by gravity. They can build up in your feet, putting pressure on nerves and blood vessels, and blocking communication along nerve pathways. Of course, this can happen in the hands too, so both foot and hand reflexology can be very effective.

Reflex points of the hands

Who Can Benefit from Reflexology?

Reflexology is suitable for all ages, from tiny babies to the elderly. Of course, when working with clients who are very young or old, or are very weak and sensitive, I use a more gentle pressure. Although I work mostly on the feet or hands, I can also use reflex points on your face, head, arms or legs. So even if you have a phobia about having your feet touched you can still have a reflexology treatment. Reflexology can be beneficial for many illnesses. It helps to remove toxins, reduce blood pressure, calm anxiety and promote healthy sleep.

Reflexology 60 mins £30. Age 66+ or disabled £25.

reflexology on the palm of the hand