Using Nature’s Own Medicines

What is Homeopathy? How Does it Work?

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine that uses very small amounts of natural substances to make medicines that help your body heal. Many of the medicines (which are usually called “remedies”) come from plants. But rocks, minerals and other natural things can also be used. Homeopathy is based on the work of a doctor called Samuel Hahnemann. He discovered that you can treat an illness by using a substance that is able to cause the same symptoms. For example, Poison Ivy can cause a rash and aching joints. But when made into a homeopathic remedy, it can actually soothe a rash or ease aches and pains. Basically, any substance, when correctly diluted and activated, can treat the same symptoms. Therefore the homeopathic method of treatment is to “treat like with like”.

mortar and pestle used to grind plant material
A flower becomes a liquid and then a pill

Safe and Gentle

Although conventional drugs have many benefits, they can also have nasty side effects. Some drugs are addictive; others can harm vital organs like the liver or kidneys. But homeopathy is safe for everybody, even pregnant women and newborn babies. You can also use homeopathy to help animals and plants.

Low Cost Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are very cheap to buy. Unlike most conventional medicines, you can buy the remedies for just a few pounds. (Could this be the reason why pharmaceutical companies appear keen to stop people using homeopathy?) I can supply you with the remedies I recommend, or you can buy them easily over the Internet.

Having a Homeopathic Consultation

What to Expect

If you live in Newark-on-Trent you can have a homeopathic consultation in your home. If you live anywhere in the UK you can have a telephone or online consultation. In each case I’ll ask you to send me a little information before the consultation, so that we can concentrate on the most important details during our chat. After our talk I’ll recommend a remedy, or combination of remedies, that I believe will help. I’ll either give you the remedy straight away (home visits only) or send them to you by post.

Home consultations: £40
Phone or online consultations: £35

I charge separately for any homeopathic remedies that I supply. The price depends on the number of tablets or pillules but is normally between £5 and £15.

Examples of Homeopathy for Common Illnesses

Woman holding her neck because of pain

Arthritis or Rheumatism

Rhus tox for pains that are worst when you start to move but ease with gentle, continuous movement. Applying heat usually eases the pain.

Ledum is useful for pain that begins in the feet and spreads upwards. The joints are swollen and hot, but pale in colour. Cold water or a cold compress eases the pain.

Woman holding her chest as she coughs


Bryonia is for dry coughs, sometimes with a runny nose. Your chest hurts when you cough or breathe in, so you might find yourself holding your chest to reduce movement.

Antimonium tart can help with rattling coughs, when your chest is full of mucus but very little comes up. It feels hard to breathe and you have to sit up to ease the pressure in your chest.

Picture of man clutching stomach


For explosive diarrhoea that gushes or splutters out, try Podophyllum. It’s also useful for diarrhoea that alternates with constipation.

For diarrhoea caused by eating bad food (or food that was too spicy) use Arsenicum album. The diarrhoea may burn as it comes out and makes you feel restless and unable to settle.

woman pressing her ears in pain


Belladonna for severe earache with heat, redness and throbbing pain. The pain usually comes on quickly.

Pulsatilla can help with recurrent ear infections, particularly where there is a yellowish discharge. The pain may move from one ear to the other.

Picture of lady with hay fever

Hay Fever

Allium cepa is for hay fever with runny nose and watery eyes. The discharge from your nose is acrid and irritates your skin, but your tears are bland.

Try Euphrasia when your eyes are constantly watering, and the tears seem to sting or burn your face. Your eyelids are swollen and sore, and you have to keep blinking to clear your eyes.

pain in the forehead


For throbbing, hammering headaches with nausea, Natrum mur may help. It’s also useful for chronic headaches associated with sinus problems.

Bryonia can ease headaches which feel as if the head is about to explode. Every movement of your head seems to aggravate the pain; you hold your head in your hands to avoid any motion.

pillules spread on a leaf

Frequently Asked Questions

What medical problems can be treated with homeopathy?

People find homeopathy to be helpful with all medical problems, from colds and flu to chronic illnesses. As a holistic therapy, homeopathy acts on the whole person. That means it can help with mental, emotional and physical problems. Of course, if you are seriously unwell, you should also tell your doctor.

Do I need a prescription to buy the medicines?

No. You can buy homeopathic remedies without a prescription. But if you aren’t sure which remedy to take, or which potency to use, it’s best to consult a homeopath.

How often will I need to take the remedy?

This depends on how severe your symptoms are, how quickly the symptoms appeared and how long you have been suffering from them. If you have an acute illness (one in which the symptoms come on quickly and are quite severe) you might need to take a dose of the medicine every hour or two. If you have a chronic illness (one that has lasted a long time – often months or years) you will probably find that two or three doses a day are enough.

What does "potency" mean in homeopathy?

The potency of a homeopathic remedy tells you how many times the substance was diluted and shaken to make the medicine. Each potency tends to have a personality of its own. For example, the 6C and 1M tend to work quite slowly and gently. Others, such as 200C and 10M often work faster, but can occasionally cause a temporary “flare up” as they begin to work. I find that the 30C potency is a “happy medium”; it works well in most situations.

Will homeopathy intefere with other medication?

Not at all. Because homeopathic remedies are so gentle, they won’t have any effect on other medicines or treatments. So you can use them safely with any medication that your doctor might have prescribed. Some conventional drugs or treatments might intefere with the homeopathy, but the remedies will still work.

How soon will I start to feel better?

Some people feel better immediately, and others might have to wait several days before they notice an improvement. It depends on how long you have been ill, how much energy your body has, and whether you are also taking conventional medicines.