Release Nature’s Healing Energies

What is Homeopathy? Is it Right for Me?

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine that uses tiny amounts of natural substances to make medicines that help your body heal. Many of the medicines (which are usually called “remedies”) come from plants. But rocks, minerals and other natural things can also be used. When we are well, it’s because our body’s energy patterns and the flow of energies are beautifully balanced. If these energy patterns go wrong we get ill. In homeopathy, we use the healthy energy from nature’s medicines to rebalance our own. Nature gives us hundreds of different medicines, so whatever your symptoms there will be one that is right for you.

mortar and pestle used to grind plant material
A flower becomes a liquid and then a pill

Safe and Gentle

Although conventional drugs have many benefits, they can also have nasty side effects. Some drugs are addictive; others can harm vital organs like the liver or kidneys. Herbal medicines and supplements are helpful, but must be used with care. Homeopathy is safe for everybody, even pregnant women and newborn babies. Because it’s the energy in the medicine that works, you can’t accidentally take too much.

Your Homeopathy Treatment Helper

In your Homeopathy Treatment Helper I’ll tell you which remedies are the best match for you and your symptoms. I’ll explain how to order them and get them delivered to your door. I’ll let you know how to store the remedies and how to get the most benefit from them. With your Helper you’ll have the power to choose where to buy the remedies and the confidence to use them.

Keen to Try Homeopathy, but Not Sure Where to Start?

Let Me Point You in the Right Direction

Do you want to get more involved in your own health care? Are you looking for a more natural way to deal with your medical problems? Does it seem as if nobody is listening to you? If you want to improve your general state of health, or perhaps become less dependent on harsh drugs, a Homeopathy Treatment Helper will make it easy for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What medical problems can be treated with homeopathy?

Homeopathy can be helpful with all medical problems, from colds and flu to chronic illnesses. Of course, if you are seriously unwell, or are worried about your health, you should always consult a doctor. You can tell your doctor that you want to use homeopathy as part of your treatment. These natural remedies don’t interfere with other medicines, so you and your doctor can work as a team to improve your health.

Do I need a prescription to buy the medicines?

No. You can buy them without a prescription. But if you aren’t sure which remedy to take, or which potency to use, it’s best to consult a homeopath.

How often will I need to take the remedy?

This depends on how severe your symptoms are, how quickly the symptoms appeared and how long you have been suffering from them. If you have an acute illness (one in which the symptoms come on quickly and are quite severe) you might need to take a dose of the medicine every hour or two. If you have a chronic illness (one that has lasted a long time – often months or years) you will probably find that two or three doses a day are enough.

What does "potency" mean in homeopathy?

The potency of a homeopathic remedy tells you how many times the substance was diluted and shaken to make the medicine. Each potency tends to have a personality of its own. For example, the 6C and 1M tend to work quite slowly and gently. Others, such as 200C and 10M often work faster, but can occasionally cause a temporary “flare up” as they begin to work. I find that the 30C potency is a “happy medium”; it works well in most situations.

Are the medicines only sold as pills?

Homeopathic remedies can be bought as liquids, tablets, pillules (little pills) or powders. Pillules are often the cheapest option and dissolve quite quickly in your mouth. Avoid the “click packs” of pillules though; they can be difficult to use. I’ve ended up throwing packs out because pillules get stuck in the opening!

How soon will I start to feel better?

Some people feel better immediately, and others might have to wait several days before they notice an improvement. It depends on how long you have been ill, how much energy your body has, and whether you are also taking standard medicines. Although homeopathy won’t affect any treatment you are getting from your doctor or hospital, their pharmaceutical drugs CAN slow the homeopathic remedies down. But don’t worry, the remedy should still work, even if it takes a little longer. So please NEVER stop any treatment that has been prescribed for you without permission from your doctor.