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Online Consultations Are Easy and Convenient

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First, register for a consultation by completing the Get Help form.

Use the form to give me some basic information about yourself and your medical problem. I don’t need your full name or your postal address; a user name and an email address is fine. I know that some clients might feel nervous about giving a lot of personal information. And sometimes clients find it easier to talk about their symptoms when they don’t have to say who they are.

Second, tell me all about your illness.

I’ll send you a questionnaire which asks for more information about your problem. Because every client is different, I need to know as much as possible about how the illness affects you. And because homeopathy is a holistic therapy (which treats the whole person) I also need some details about your personality and lifestyle. Answer the questions and email the form back to me.

Then I prepare your health report and prescription.

Using the information that you have sent, I will compare your details with remedies that can be used to treat your condition. When I have chosen the best remedy or remedies for you, I’ll prepare your report and send you a PayPal invoice for my fee (£30). As soon as PayPal tell me that you have paid, I can email your report and prescription to you.

Finally, you can buy the remedy from any homeopathic pharmacy.

Shops like Boots and Amazon sell a few remedies. But a quick and simple way to buy any of the remedies is to use an online pharmacy. I’ll give you all the information you need to find their web sites and place your order. And because you can compare prices for your remedy, you can always get the best deal. (Most remedies will cost around £8 to £10.)

You can get extra help and advice if you need it.

 I hope that you begin to feel better soon after taking your remedy. But if you don’t notice any improvement, or you are worried about taking the remedy, contact me so that I can advise you. Also, I offer all clients who buy a consultation the chance to have one free follow-up.

Consultation Fee only £30.

Special “Lockdown” Price £20 until 31.07.2020

Online Homeopathy Consultation Plus

If you would like to discuss your problem by phone or Skype, this option is ideal for you. It works in a similar way as a standard consultation, but after you complete the questionnaire we arrange a chat. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions or give me extra information. And of course, you will receive a health report and prescription and be offered a free follow-up.

Fee for the Consultation Plus service is £40. Special “Lockdown” Price £30 until 31.07.2020

Health Report and Prescription

Your report and prescription includes all the information that you need to order your homeopathic remedy. It may also include advice about nutrition or lifestyle, plus details of how to use reflexology to relieve symptoms.

Gives the results of your online consultation

Tells you which remedy or remedies you need

Explains why I recommend those remedies

Tells you which potency (strength) to buy

Explains how to store and take the remedy

Allows you freedom to buy the remedy online

Gives tips on how you can help yourself

Follow-up Help and Advice

You might wonder what happens after your online homeopathy consultation. Homeopathic remedies work very differently to the medicines you normally get from a GP. They nudge your body’s own healing systems into action. Sometimes they work extremely fast and at other times they work slowly and gently over many weeks or even months.

Because homeopathy works in such a different way, I offer a free follow-up approximately one month after your consultation. If I decide you need a change in prescription at that point, the new prescription is also free of charge.