Ayurvedic Nutrition

Balance Your Energies Through Food

Why do I need an Ayrvedic Nutrition Analysis?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to eat huge amounts of food without putting on any weight? Or why others seem to get fatter just by looking at a cake? Maybe you’ve noticed that you seem to feel bloated or lacking in energy after eating certain foods? Eating the wrong type of food can not only cause problems with your digestion, it can also affect your overall state of health. An Ayurvedic Nutrition Analysis makes it easy to enjoy healthy foods.

Ayurvedic Energy

Correct nutrition helps to balance three types of energy that affect our wellbeing: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. We have all three energies within us, but most people have much more of one (dominant) energy, and less of the others.The first step in working out your Ayurvedic Nutrition Plan is to find out which type of energy is most dominant.

Mindful Eating

If we eat the wrong type of food we can upset the energy balance in our bodies. Once we know which energy (or energies) are most important to us, we can change our diets and our eating habits to match. We don’t have to give up all the foods that we love, but we should be more mindful about what we are eating, and when.
Image representing a balanced diet
Choose the right types of food and drink to balance your body’s energies.

Need Advice on How to Balance Your Energies?

Don’t Worry, I’m Here to Help!

There’s so much confusing information about what to eat, what to avoid, and why. You can spend weeks, or even months, reading through mind-numbing details that leave you no wiser than before. So why not let me do the hard work for you? I’ll send you a personal plan that includes only information that is relevant to you. And I’ll make sure that my advice is clear, easy to understand, and simple to follow. I won’t recommend eating foods that you hate, or giving up those that you really love. And I won’t suggest food or drink that you can’t get in the UK, or that will double your grocery bill.

Eat Your Way to Good Health

Are you ready for a healthier life? Then don’t waste any time. Order your personal nutrition plan now! Find out how much better life can be when you and your food are in balance.

Five Elements and Three Energies

As beings that are created on planet Earth, we are made of the same materials and energies that are found in the Earth. According to Ayurvedic medicine, we each have a unique combination of five major elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Space and Water. These elements give us the energies that make our bodies work: Vata (from Air and Space), Pitta (from Fire and Water) and Kapha (from Earth and Water).

When we are born, we have a particular mix of the three energies. This is our “constitution” and stays the same through our whole life. To stay healthy we have to keep our energies in balance. So, for example, if we have a Vata constitution – with a lot of Vata energy – we have to eat foods with more Pitta or Kapha energy. If not, we can “overdose” on Vata.

From Imbalance to Illness

If you have a car with a petrol engine, you’ll know that you need the right mix of petrol and air to start the engine and keep it running smoothly. If too much, or too little, fuel gets through, the car will falter and might even fail completely. In the same way, if your body gets too much, or too little of any of the energies, it can become ill.

Problems with Vata energy often result in diseases of the heart and the blood. If your Pitta energy is out of balance, you might suffer from indigestion, diarrhoea or constipation. Too much, or too little, Kapha could cause catarrh, coughs and colds, or urinary infections When the energies stay out of balance for a long time, serious medical problems can happen.