Seasonal allergies, which are sometimes called hay fever, rose colds or summer colds, can ruin summer days for many people. Are you one of the people who, like me, suffer from sneezing, a runny nose, itchy eyes or a sore throat when pollen levels are high? Don’t go rushing straight to the pharmacy to buy anti-histamines, which can make you drowsy or clumsy and even cause nausea and mood changes. Perhaps one of these natural homeopathic remedies will help to ease your symptoms and help you enjoy the summer weather. The remedies are completely safe and have no side effects.

If you have mild symptoms that come on slowly and gradually, take the homeopathic remedy in the 6C or 30C potency. If your hay fever is severe or symptoms appear quickly, the 200C potency could work better for you. Take a tablet (or 3 pillules) four times a day until you feel better, then don’t take any more unless/until your symptoms return.

Find Your Hay Fever Remedy

Although most hay fever sufferers share some common symptoms, the allergies can affect people in different ways. Read the following descriptions to see which remedy fits you best.

Allium cepa

Your nose is running like a tap. The watery liquid from your nose seems to burn your nose and even your upper lip. Your eyes are also watering, but the tears are bland; they don’t burn like the liquid from your nose. Are you also sneezing and coughing a lot? Perhaps you have a headache that seems worse in a warm room, and better when you are out in fresh air? If so, Allium cepa (made from onions) is probably the right remedy for you.

Arsenicum album

Your eyes and nose are burning. Maybe your right eye and nostril seem to be burning and watering more than the left. Is there swelling around and below your eyes? And are you feeling restless and unsettled and find that you can’t seem to warm up? Do you feel very thirsty but prefer to take lots of small sips, rather than gulp your drink quickly? You might also find that you’re short of breath and panic that you will have an asthma attack. Your breathing seems a little easier when you sit upright. Arsenicum album should help you feel better.

Euphrasia officinalis

Known as “eyebright”, the Euphrasia plant has been used for many years as a herbal medicine for eye infections. You might want to try taking the homeopathic remedy Euphrasia if you have hay fever that affects mostly your eyes. The symptoms are basically the reverse of Allium cepa. You need Euphrasia if your tears seem to sting or burn your eyes, but the watery mucuous from your nose is bland (does not burn or irritate your skin). Sunlight or winds can make your eyes worse. You might also find that you are coughing during the day but the cough calms at night.

Natrum muriaticum

If you need Natrum muriaticum you probably have headaches, although it might be difficult to tell if the pain is from your nose or your forehead. The pain is throbbing and it sometimes feels as if your head is going to burst. It gets worse if you cough. Your eyes are watering, your nose just doesn’t seem to stop running and you probably have cold sores on your lip or nose. All in all you feel pretty unwell and it’s making you feel depressed, but you can’t let people see you cry. You want to hide away in a quiet room, away from other people and feel sorry for yourself. Take Natrum mur and you should soon start to feel better.

Nux vomica

So your hay fever makes you feel irritable and short-tempered. You find yourself snapping at friends and family when they open the car window and let that dreadful pollen in. Don’t they understand that it makes you feel really rough??? Your eyes and nose are itching like mad, and your ears are itching too. You keep feeling as if you are about to sneeze, but somehow the sneeze doesn’t happen. You really wish it would because you’re sure it would make you feel better. Certainly you couldn’t feel any worse! The hay fever seems to be affecting your throat too, and you reach for a drink. You think a glass of wine or beer will help, but no… alcohol and coffee just make you worse. You can try some other warm drink or warm food; that should ease your throat a little. But what you really need is the homeopathic remedy, Nux vomica.