Cancer is probably one of the cruelist of diseases. It can attack people of any age, from little babies to the elderly. Sometimes it can grow unnoticed for months or years, before finally giving itself away through secondary symptoms. The fear of developing cancer is a major cause of anxiety for many people in the UK and overseas. According to Cancer Research UK, there are approximately 367,000 new cases of cancer here every year. And somebody in the UK is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes!

There are many different types of cancer, which can be found in different parts of the body. Some forms of cancer grow slowly and usually respond well to treatment. Other types of cancer grow very fast, spread rapidly through the body and are very difficult to control. When you are healthy, your cells divide at the correct rate to make as many copies of themselves as you need. When you have cancer, one or more of your cells start to make too many copies. These cells grow out of control and can begin to invade neighbouring parts of the body. Sometimes the cells get carried to other parts of the body and cancer starts to develop there too.

How CBD May Help in Cancer Treatment

Doctors know and accept that cannabis ingredients such as CBD can be useful for pain relief in cancer patients. And it can also help to reduce some of the side effects of conventional cancer treatment, including nausea and loss of appetite. But a number of scientific studies show that CBD may also be able to fight the development and spread of cancer itself. This is an exciting development and I hope that scientists and oncologists all over the world will encourage governments to pay for even more trials of CBD.

So far, experiments and studies of CBD shows that it could help treat cancer by:

  • preventing blood circulation to the tumour
  • blocking the growth of cancer cells
  • killing cancer cells
  • reducing inflammation
  • making it more difficult for the cancer to spread

From these results we can see that CBD could be used as part of a cancer treatment plan. Although it might be too early to say whether it could eventually replace chemotherapy, it does seem to achieve some of the same results. As it also helps to reduce nausea (which is a nasty side effect of standard cancer treatments) we can at least consider using it together with conventional treatment for this dreadful disease.

If you have cancer, or are worried that you might have, please tell you doctor before taking CBD. Although it seems clear that CBD can help fight cancer, it can sometimes make cancer cells grow or cause damage to blood vessels. Ask your doctor to monitor your progress while you use CBD as part of your treatment.