On this page I describe the symptoms of PMT (Premenstrual Tension) and how it can affect your physical and mental well-being. Homeopathy treatment can be very helpful and I introduce you to some of the remedies that can bring relief. The information is aimed at any woman who experiences changes in her moods before, during or after her monthly periods.


Premenstrual Tension is the name given to all those feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and frustration that women can suffer around the time of their monthly periods (menstruation). Although the name suggests that these feelings arise BEFORE menstruation, some women feel worse during or slightly after their periods. The sudden changes in hormone levels which occur at this time of the month can cause uncontrollable and sometimes intolerable mood swings. The emotional upsets can also be accompanied by physical symptoms including headaches, nausea, bloating in the abdomen and swollen ankles. The combination of emotional and physical symptoms is often called Premenstrual Syndrome, or PMS.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for PMT

Homeopathy can help to ease both the emotional and physical discomfort that you feel when you have a period. Here I am going to focus mainly on the emotional/mental effects caused by your hormones, that is the “tension”. There are quite a few homeopathic remedies that can help, depending on when and how you experience PMT. To find the best one for you, try to match the time of the month when your emotional symptoms are worst. Then choose the remedy that seems closest to the way that you feel.

Tension Worst Before Your Menstrual Periods

Take Natrum mur if:
You are anxious and irritable and seem to take everything as an insult. You might even get angry again about something that was said or done months or even years ago. Although you feel upset and tearful, you don’t feel able to accept sympathy. When a partner or friend tries to give you a hug you just push them away. It’s likely that you suffer from headaches as your period approaches, and you might also get pains in your lower back. Pressing the knuckle of your hand into the painful area could ease the pain, but Nat mur is what you need.
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Take Zincum if: You feel physically and mentally worn out and unable to concentrate. You may suffer from “restless leg syndrome” – unable to sit or lie down without fidgeting your legs, even at night in bed. In fact you feel generally restless, and feel as if your limbs have a life of their own; you just can’t keep them still. Your breasts and private parts might feel swollen and painful, but you feel better as soon as the blood starts to flow.

Take Pulsatilla if:
You feel sad and weepy and you really need a cuddle. Life seems to have got on top of you and you’re not sure you can cope any more. Why can’t your loved ones understand how fragile you are feeling? How can people be so cruel – expecting you to manage all the tasks that you have to juggle every day. It’s all too much! So you break down in floods of tears but somehow you can’t really explain why. You need somebody to tell you how much they love you and that they will sort everything out for you. Pulsatilla will help you feel stronger and hold back the tears.

Take Lycopodium if:
No matter how successful you are at work, or in running the home, you seem to lose self-confidence in the days before your period. Other people might not be aware of it, because you are good at hiding your insecurity, but you’re sure something’s going to go horribly wrong. Nothing seems of any value any more and the future looks dark and dismal. You really wish people would stop bothering you; what you really need is to have some space. The more you think about everything, the worse your headache seems to get. The only thing that seems to ease it is getting some fresh air.

Take Lachesis muta if:
Everything inside of you is building up to some sort of explosion. It’s almost as if there’s a dam somewhere in your body that’s about to burst. At the best of times you find it hard to deal with other people’s stupidity. And when you are waiting for your period … well they’d better watch out! Your head feels as if it’s being squeezed and you keep tugging at the clothes round your waist or neck because they feel too tight. You probably always know the best words to upset people around you and at the moment you just can’t stop yourself from saying them. Finally your period arrives and everything starts to settle again.

Tension Worst While Having Your Menstrual Periods

Take Platinum if:
Your friends or family sometimes say you are a “bit of a Princess”. But you would say that you know quality when you see it and you deserve to have lovely things around you. Romance is very important to you, and you see sex as an important part of that. During your period you might actually find that your sexual appetite increases. A kind of tingling or pleasant itching “down below” keeps bringing your thoughts round to making love. If, for any reason, your partner doesn’t respond to your moves, you quickly start to feel angry and worried. You convince yourself that he’s not interested in you any more and is going to leave. And if you do have sex, it’s actually rather painful because you are so tender inside. The situation makes you intolerant and critical; you snap at your partner and your children.

Take Chamomilla if:
You are so fed up of having to cope with such painful and distressing periods. It seems as if this month’s period is absolutely the worst ever! The pain is almost too much for you to bear, and even painkillers don’t seem to be helping much. Your period is really heavy again and the blood is dark and possibly clotted. Night-time is the worst, and the pain is so bad it seems to spread out into your thighs. Why do you have to put up with this month after month? IT’S__JUST__NOT__FAIR! The trouble is, the more upset and angry you get, the worse the pain seems to be. You’ve probably tried using a hot water bottle on your tummy and found that seems to make it worse, too. You might find yourself sitting with your arms wrapped round your waist, rocking back and forward; somehow this seems to ease things a little.

Take Nux vomica if:
It’s almost impossible to control your temper during your period. Every little thing seems to send you into a rage. You want an end to the cramping pains and you want it now! Those horrible cramps are so bad that they seem to be affecting your digestive system too. The pains seem to come from your lower back and make you feel like you need to do a poo. You might find that you spend a lot of time on the toilet, with a forceful urge to pass stool, but unable to do so. On other occasions the urging actually turns into diarrhoea, and you’re not sure which is worse. It’s no wonder that you are so irritated by everything and everybody. You may end up binging on fatty or spicy foods to try and comfort yourself, but that just makes you worse. You end up going to bed and, thankfully, lying down in a quiet place seems to help a little.

Tension Worst After Your Menstrual Periods

Take Phosphorous if:
Your periods can be very heavy, with bright red blood that seems to flood out. After your period ends you find yourself feeling tired and a little “spaced out”. Somehow it seems as if all your strength leaked away with your period. You are jumpy and react to sudden noises or movements, even more than you do the rest of the time. Even though you know it’s due to PMT, you can’t get away from the feeling that something bad is going to happen. Bad news on the TV can have you feeling tearful, especially if you see people suffering. The constant anxiety may drive you to snack on ice cream or chocolate. Eating generally makes you feel a little better, although spicy foods could have the opposite effect.

Take Agaricus muscarius if:
During your heavy periods you get awful, labour-like pains and these continue for several days after the flow has finished. You might also have toothaches or headaches while you are “on” but these ease as the period ends. Perhaps you find yourself feeling restless and unable to sleep at the start of menstruation, but the anxiety comes afterwards. You tend to worry about your health, and the fact that those horrible bearing-down pains are still there make your fears even stronger. It’s hard not to start imagining that there’s something seriously wrong. Of course, after a few more days the pains go away again, until the cycle repeats next month.