Homeopathy and Lockdown

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably finding the lockdown a little wearing by now. In the first couple of weeks the novelty of the situation kept my spirits up. But as the weeks have passed, I’ve found myself missing my family, my friends and my freedom. I’m hoping that there will be some good news when the UK government announces its latest plans, but I expect social distancing to continue for a while yet. And of course, some people will be self-isolating. So for any of you who are feeling the strain, I’m going to list some homeopathic remedies that might help you cope with the “Lockdown Blues”.

In this unique and stressful situation, the 30C potency (taken 2 or 3 times a day) may bring fast relief. If you have the right remedy, but in the 6C potency, it will still work, even if a little more slowly. In this case you might need to take the remedy 4 or 5 times a day for the first couple of days, and then reduce the frequency. When you feel better, stop taking the remedy and only take it again if the symptoms return. Homeopathy is not addictive, but if you take a remedy for too long, it can become less effective for you.

Loneliness and Homeopathy

Loneliness is a feeling that can creep up on any of us. I live alone, but even if you share your home with somebody else, you probably miss the company of others. After being shut away in a house or apartment with each other for weeks, maybe you have stopped communicating with each other. Maybe you feel you have run out of things to talk about. You don’t have to be alone to be lonely.

When you find that you are starting to feel tearful, Pulsatilla can often help. It’s particularly useful if you are feeling a little sorry for yourself and wishing there was somebody who could give you a hug. It’s also good for those days when you seem to be constantly thinking about family or friends and wondering when you will ever see them again.

If you find yourself wondering “Why is this happening? What have I done to deserve it?” Ignatia could make a difference. Signs that you might need this remedy are: sighing frequently, finding yourself grieving for past relationships, laughing one moment and in tears the next.

When you know you are suffering from loneliness but you hide your feelings, try Natrum muriaticum. Related to the fabled British “stiff upper lip”, this remedy helps those who keep their grief and distress to themselves. If you can’t let your family or friends see the pain you are holding inside, this remedy can help you release it.

Homeopathy When You Are Short-tempered

Dramatic changes in our lifestyles, strict rules about what we can or can’t do, and being stuck indoors almost 24 hours a day. These are all reasons why you might feel short-tempered. Fortunately, homeopathy offers remedies that can help with anger.

If you are used to living your life “in the fast lane”, you are no doubt finding all the restrictions very frustrating. You probably feel like you want to get in the car and go for a blast down the motorway. Or maybe you want to go to the gym and have a really good workout. You need Nux vomica to ease the tension and help you reign in all that excess energy.

Perhaps you are normally quite calm and restrained, but you feel as if a nervous pressure is building up inside. You’ve done everything the government recommended and you can’t take too much more. You’re keeping your anger and resentment hidden away inside, but it’s making you ill. Staphysagria can help you release the anger and begin to heal.

Homeopathy for Fear of Covid-19

Covid-19 is a new virus to which we seem to have no natural immunity, so it’s natural to feel nervous about catching it. But as we (I hope) approach a time when some restrictions will be eased, some people are very fearful. For this reason I’m including some remedies that can help with fear of illness and death.

If you are so worried about the virus that you have panic attacks, Aconite is probably the remedy for you. It is for sudden feelings of extreme panic that cause your chest to feel tight, your heart to race and your mouth to go dry. Sometimes the panic can be so severe that you convince yourself that you are going to die.

When you find yourself worrying about how the virus is affecting your family, friends or the world in general, try Phosphorous. People who need this remedy are generally very friendly, open and caring. But it is this same openness that can cause them to react to every little bit of bad news. If you manage to convince yourself that you and your loved ones are OK, only to be thrown into a panic again every time somebody mentions the virus, Phosphorous should help.

And finally, one remedy that really must be mentioned is Arsenicum album. This is an excellent remedy if anxiety and fear is making you feel restless. Do you find it hard to sit and relax because worry about the virus is always nagging at you? Do you find yourself cleaning and tidying several times over, or rearranging things constantly, because nothing seems quite right? Does the worry seem to upset your stomach, so that as soon as you eat or drink something, you feel as if you might be sick or have to rush to the toilet? All these point to Arsenicum.

And of course, if you are worried about catching the Covid-19, it’s also a good idea to take Arsenicum album to help prevent it. Several countries are using the remedy to help fight the virus itself. The Indian government has recommended Arsenicum album 30C, to be taken 3 times a day for 3 days. This should be repeated once a month until the pandemic has passed.