Comparison of How Coronavirus is Spreading

Let’s take a look at how fast Coronvirus (Covid-19) is spreading through a range of countries. In the UK, we have a population of around 68 million and 456 confirmed cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19). The USA has a population of 329 million and over 1,000 confirmed cases. India has a huge population of over 1.37 billion and has only 62 confirmed cases, of which 16 are Italians!


Country Recorded cases of Coronavirus (11.03.2020) Population (2020 estimates)
UK 456 67,886,011
USA 1,016 329,369,216
Italy 10,149 60,488,861
France 1,784 65,229,282
Germany 1,622 83,701,751
Spain 2,124 46,749,202
India 62 1,375,825,991

India and Homeopathy for Coronavirus

So why doesn’t it seem to be spreading so quickly in India, especially when there is such a huge population and the cities are so crowded? In India holistic therapies, including homeopathy, are used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Homeopathy is one of the major forms of treatment for a wide range of illnesses. At present, there is no vaccine against Coronavirus. So why have Western countries been so quick to criticise the Indian government for recommending holistic medicines as a possible way to reduce the spread of the virus? Surely, with the current epidemic spreading out of control through so many parts of the world, any recommendations are welcome?

The government in India suggested taking the homeopathic remedy “Arsenicum album 30C”, three times per day for three days. (30C refers to the potency, or strength, of the medicine.) Arsenicum album is readily available from homeopathic pharmacies and costs very little to buy. Of course, there is no profit for pharmaceutical companies, so they work very hard to ridicule homeopathy.

Isn’t it Worth Trying Homeopathy?

I am following the Indian government’s suggestion and taking a 3-day course of Arsenicum album as a prophylactic. I am also recommending it to my clients. Of course it is still very important to follow the worldwide guidance about washing hands, using tissues when you cough or sneeze, and self-isolating if you could be infectious.

Homeopathic remedies like Arsenicum album, when taken at the 30C potency, cannot harm anybody or cause any side effects. They don’t interfere with any conventional medicines. So as far as I’m concerned, there’s absolutely no reason not to take it. In conclusion, if you want to give it a try, do an Internet search for homeopathic pharmacies. You can order the remedy online.